Of all my astrological activities, I do love teaching the most. I began teaching astrology in January 1999 and have not stopped. I teach it all, from an introductory Fundamentals of Astrology class all the way to Mastery classes – and everything in between. Even old-fashioned manual chart calculation! All classes are packed with information and the sound, sage advice of a seasoned astrologer and human being. Students love my enthusiastic presentation, careful preparation and wealth of material. It’s safe to say I’m the most experienced astrology teacher in the Bay Area.

Virtual classrooms are becoming the norm and I’m doing more and more online classes as time goes by. Sign up for my mailing list and you’ll be the first to know when the next one comes along!

That being said, there’s nothing like being there for the best possible experience. In-person classes are small, intimate and since we use student charts in class, the most personal. Plus, I often bake cookies.

Class sizes are limited. Sign up early. Non-refundable $50 deposit required for in-person classes: use page links to register. Payment plans available. All classes are recorded: class materials are sent electronically to students after class.

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