Declination: Why Should You Care?

Date(s): 01/01/2017 - 12/31/2017



This is the anti-technical presentation on a most fascinating subject. Declination is not just some fancy term to learn for a test. Its real-life effects are readily observable. Every time you watch the sun or moon rise or set, you’re having an experience in declination. The Land of the Midnight Sun? That’s another example. By the end of this image-driven presentation, you’ll be able to declare a planet’s declination based on the sign it’s in. You’ll learn how to anchor the tropical zodiac onto your local horizon using simple principles of declination. We’ll see how to use it in chart analysis, too, looking particularly for extreme or “out of bounds” planets. Find out why you should care about declination in this fun and practical presentation!

Self-guided powerpoint presentation with recorded .mp3