Astrological analysis is a unique tool that offers an unbiased perspective, permitting nonjudgmental understanding of yourself and your life experiences. It provides clear insights not only into your own nature, but also those around you. See yourself, your family and circle of friends, acquaintances and coworkers in a whole new way! Sessions are available in person or online.

Please be ready with your date, time, and place of birth. If you do not know your time of birth, and want a session, please contact me.

Payment includes a full-color printout or pdf of all relevant charts, a handy explanation sheet to help you understand them, and a digital audio file of our session emailed to you within 24 hours of the session. For your convenience, I use an online storage system.

If you’ve never consulted with an astrologer before, ask yourself if you’re like other people who use my services.

  • seek insight into themselves and the prevailing conditions in their lives
  • are having a personal crisis and want to understand the bigger picture, including “when will this be over?”
  • want improved relationships with others by understanding their specific interpersonal dynamics
  • have questions about their career, right livelihood and professional goals or developments
  • strive to coordinate their personal and business decisions with larger, impersonal cycles
  • ask for practical advice on timing and scheduling, particularly when (and when not!) to engage in particular activities, such as buying a house, undergoing elective surgery, opening a business, etc.
  • yearn to know and fulfill their life purpose
  • appreciate the impersonal and objective nature of astrology, and use it to improve their lives in a workable way

By the time our session starts, I will be well prepared. I will complete a detailed 3-page form for each session which ensures a complete and balanced view of your astrology at the current time.

Astrology is a unique tool that gives an objective viewpoint, permitting a new nonjudgmental understanding of one’s life experience. It provides amazing personal insights and a lens through which to view those around you – see your family and circle of friends, acquaintances, and coworkers in a whole new way!

The first half of your session is devoted to discussing the strengths and challenges of your natal chart. This will prepare us for the second half of the reading, when we’ll look at the current activity to your chart using various techniques and peer into the future. You’ll leave the session with a clearer understanding of what’s ahead, the abilities you bring to bear on your current life situation, and some practical guidelines and timelines to help you proceed.

Words commonly used to describe this first session include, “Profound!” “Life-changing,” and “Insightful”! Clients report feeling relieved and validated, with a deep sense of self-acceptance that only an impersonal, objective system like astrology can provide. Give yourself the gift of a session today!

Follow-up session for established clients. This hour-long reading will provide you with information about the astrological activity to your chart for the next 12-18 months. We will identify specific patterns and areas of life that are being affected, and place your current experiences in a larger context. We’ll discuss the potential problems and benefits of the upcoming period. Together, we will develop specific suggestions to help you navigate your near future in harmony with cosmic energy. Techniques used: Transits with Secondary Progressions and Solar Arcs.

This reading provides insight into the year ahead through the use of the Birthday Chart (also called the Solar Return). Using this chart in conjunction with your birth chart provides an overview of the upcoming year. Especially meaningful when scheduled near your actual birthday, you’ll get a preview of upcoming opportunities and personal challenges, along with suggestions of how to use it all to your best advantage. Techniques used: Solar Return, with supporting information from Transits with Secondary Progressions.

Intended for the parents, step-parents or grandparents of a new baby or small child, this reading provides a loving look at the chart of the new Being. Linea will suggest ways that the parents or guardians can best guide the new baby as he or she grows, avoiding potential pitfalls and most importantly, enhancing and supporting the natural abilities and gifts promised in the chart of the little one.

Like a freeze frame of a galloping horse, your birth chart reflects but a moment in a never-ending unfolding of the universe. As soon as you were born, your chart began responding to the evolving cosmic process, the forces that beat the drum to your dance of change. In this reading, we’ll view the life process through the lens of astrological transits and progressions to see how the recurring themes in the chart are developed over time. Preparation for this reading requires input from the client ahead of time, including a personal life history of important events dated to the exact month (when possible). This reading provides major personal insight into life history and behavior patterns, and can be an important key to unlocking your chart’s highest potential.

Linea will help you choose an astrologically favorable time for any activity! Before you decide when to get married, open or expand your business, embark on a big trip, go back for your degree or do almost anything of importance in your life, consult your astrologer!

Knowing the time of your birth is important for the most accurate astrology reading. When the birth time is not written on the birth certificate, or there is no documentation of birth, it can be difficult or impossible to retrieve the actual time of birth. “Rectification” is a technique uses important events from your life, carefully dated, and reconstructs the birth time from a complex evaluation of related events and astrological influences. Two hour minimum. Contact me for required form.

“There is one perfectly clear argument beyond all others in favor of the authenticity of astrology; this is the common horoscopic relation between parents and children.”

Johannes Kepler (1571-1630)

Our families are the petri dishes in which we are raised, and this environment affects non-familial relationships for the rest of our lives. Using your chart as the basis, we can consider up to 8 additional charts (such as parents, spouse(s), children and/or siblings) to form a comprehensive picture of your family dynamics and where you fit in to it all. Linea’s extensive life experience with parents and parenting, siblings, children, familial relationships and emergencies informs her astrological insights and offers practical, helpful options for achieving better family harmony. Techniques include natal charts, synastry (chart comparison) and composite (chart blending).

A special reading that evaluates the special gifts and challenges of each partner with the focus on providing insight for the relationship. This reading can illuminate misunderstandings and provide guidelines for increased harmony and caring. Both partners should be present for this reading. Techniques used include individual relationship needs as expressed through the natal charts, synastry (chart comparison) and composite (chart blending), and transits with progressions applied throughout.

Add a brief consideration of another person’s chart to your reading.

Beautiful Gift Certificates available in 1-hour increments.

Beautiful Gift Certificates available in 1.5-hour increments.